The Journey So Far

Heyup! Thanks for taking a look at my blog. Currently, nearing the end of my PPL training and cannot wait to get my license and be free to safely buzz about the skies! I decided to make this blog for many reasons. The primary reason being that the internet is full of trainee pilot blogs making their way to the flight deck via the integrated route. There are little stories of those using the modular route. As a modular trainee pilot, I want to help others understand the modular route and it’s characteristics. I endeavour to update this blog every month to keep you all up to date with my progress and to help you in figuring out a pathway into the Industry.

Before we get into the full swing of all things aviation, a little bit about me. I am currently an Undergraduate at the University of Leeds. I was born and bred in Leeds, one of the truest Yorkshire folk you will ever meet. Prior to University, I studied my GCSE’s at Corpus Christi Catholic College attaining 12 GCSE’s A& to B. Following this, I moved on to Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College to study A Levels in: Biology, Geography, General Studies and History alongside an AS Level in Government & Politics. It was my thinking at the time to study A-Levels I enjoyed. During the election of my A-Levels and initial A-Level study, it was my intention to go to an integrated flight training school. It was my hope to apply to schemes alike the British Airways Future Pilot Programme. Neither I nor my parents could fund the huge costs of training and so such a scheme was my only chance.

In my second year of College, I was on a University of Leeds scheme which aimed to engage sixth form students in University life. It encompassed various activities and University exposure days. One of which involved visiting the Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies BSc degree department and learning about their degree’s. It was this exposure; to the staff, alumni, students, simulators and degree material, that immediately attracted me to an aviation degree. Aside from this, family and staff at college were encouraging me to go to University based upon my grades. This brought the famous debate amongst aspiring student pilots to my own mind, whether or not to go to University. After deliberation, I decided to go to University to study an Aviation degree. However, such degree’s require A-Levels in Maths or Physics, sometimes both. I was gutted, a high school teacher told me I was incapable of A Level Maths and therefore despite thinking it was a good idea, I didn’t out of respect of their opinion. I felt like an aviation degree was suddenly out of my capacity and limits. After going to one of the University of Leeds Aviation Degree’s open day’s, staff pointed me in the direction of a science foundation year. I greatly disliked the idea of another £9 000 and becoming a year behind in a degree compared to my college peers. Eventually, I decided to apply for the foundation year, which surprisingly to me, had high A-Level entry criteria. My UCAS application was accepted after an interview/applicant day dependant upon meeting the entry grades. In August 2015, I was enrolled on the foundation year.

The foundation year itself was extremely tough, basically putting students through an  A-Level crash course in Physics, Maths & Chemistry. It was one of the hardest years of my life to date, but I passed with a 2:1 and succeeded onto my dream degree, Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies.

That’s where I am today, I have just completed my first year of the degree, which includes many interesting and enjoyable topics, including the Private Pilots License Ground School, which I am pleased to say I have passed. Currently, I am nearing completion of my PPL training at my local flight training school East of Leeds. Following this I am hoping to continue to fly and to undertake my 14 ATPL exams.

I will keep you posted on my progress! In the mean time, I will write about various important parts of my journey that have only been briefly mentioned in this Introduction.

Until next time!


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