Air League Flying Scholarship:

IMG_0476In the beginning of June I was fortunate enough to go back to Dundee to complete an Air League 12 hour flying scholarship at Tayside Aviation. The Air League is a fantastic organisation which seeks to promote British Aviation both in the UK and worldwide. It also encourages those young people interested in aviation to pursue their aspirations whilst giving them the tools to do so.

Being a member of the air league brings fantastic opportunities, from aerospace consultant advice to scholarships and bursaries that go extremely far in helping an individual gain a foothold in the aviation industry.

After applying for the Air League flying scholarship in January, I was lucky enough to be selected for an interview. I also had the opportunity to attend RAF College Cranwell to undertake the CBAT tests (RAF Aptitude Tests). It was my thought process that although the aptitude test wasn’t necessary to be sucessful in being awarded a scholarship, it would show enthusiasm, determination, commitment and in fact aptitude itself, which I hoped would aid my application.

I had my interview in early May in central London and received the news a week later that I had been successful in being awarded a flying scholarship. I liased with Tayside and arranged to return in the beginning of June!

I was delighted to return to Dundee, an extremely scenic part of the world and fantastic place to learn to fly. I was once again accomodated in the amazing Doubletree by Hilton and I spent most of my time with the Air Cadet’s on the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme and my course mate. Unfortunately, during the first week there was little flying due to poor weather. However, in the second week we made up for these hours and I was able to convert from the Aquila A211 to the Piper Warrior, an extremely versatile and forgiving airplane. Previously at Tayside, I always used to sit in the Warrior’s and have a good look at them, hoping to one day fly one. Luckily, I was now able to fly it to undertake some solo consolidation in the circuit. These circuits included orbitting at the bottom of a downwind leg for a Loganair Saab 340 turning onto final and then later being told “Tayside one Yankee India, Go Around! I Say Go Around!”. These proved fantastic and memorable moments which I will never forget. Additionally, I was instructed on Practiced Forced Landings, advanced turns and some initial navigation which was invaluable in helping me become closer to attaining a PPL.

I cannot thank the Air League and Tayside Aviation enough for the opportunity. I would highly recommend becoming a member of the Air League, not just for the flying scholarships, but the masses of opportunities it offers and for the networking which in Aviation, is crucuial to gaining a foot in the door of the aviation industry!


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