Time flies!

Just a brief update. Today marks a year since my first solo flight.

It seems like it was only yesterday. A flight I will never forget, from the minute that the instructor told me my solo check was sufficient for first solo. I distinctly remember him leaving the aircraft and walking over towards the Dundee Air Traffic Control Tower. As I held at Alpha waiting for a PA28 to land, a mixture of nerves, excitement and absolute delight flooded my system, these were exacerbated as I pushed the throttle forward. As I flew over the end of runway 27, I looked to the Instuctors seat to see only a headset. I began my noise abatement turn and admired the beauty of the Firth of Tay and the fact I was alone, I was in total control, it’s an experience that words cannot describe, an experience I will remember forever.

A year on, I have my PPL and I have just began studying for the ATPL exams. It may not seem like much, but as I will mention in further posts, personally it’s a huge achievement. This is particularly with respects to the difficulties I have had this year in pursuing my aspiration! In terms of the ATPL ground school, I decided to opt for Bristol Ground School and I am currently reading through the manuals for module one. Hopefully I will be ready to take them in the new year. I am yet to decide when is best alongside University! In terms of hour building, I and my course peers are hopefully getting a PA28 or C172 to share amongst ourselves with the help of our flight training school. We will then be able to rack up the hours! After some flights alone, I plan to of course take up the family and friends! Then I am eager to fly up to Dundee and return to the skies where I first tasted solo flight!

Until next time!


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