G-BIOC – Our New Love

One of the biggest benefits to date of my degree is the great bunch of people I am surrounded by. My course only consists of about 15 people, 12 of which wish to be pilots (Some are pictured above). Not only was I able to work towards my PPL with some of them, they are a constant laugh and we all help one another in and outside of lectures. One of the biggest advantages however, has come in attaining a Cessna 150 and sharing the costs amongst ourselves.

G-BIOC, she’s a little beauty. She’s a bit dated and worn but she flies like a dream and is easy to get used to coming from an Aquila and Piper Warrior. She needs some kit like an 8.33 kHz radio and VOR/DME but for the first 20 hours or so, she is fine as she is. We are able to share the costs and use this plane for around £75 an hour wet which is remarkably cheap for hour building. We all have some great trips planned for her. I personally want to bring her up to Dundee and show her off!

We hope that she will be based at Sherburn Aeroclub, the home of our flight training school, Advanced Flight Training. This will provide a fantastic base for operations.

Today, we all finished our lectures and drove up as a group in convoy to go and meet her,  we weren’t disappointed and it’s fair to say, none of us wanted to leave her. Some of us were lucky enough to go and get checked out in it. Unfortunately not for me, but tomorrow is the day!

Can’t wait to buzz about in G-BIOC at all!

Let the hour building commence!




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