Bristol.GS Module One Revision Week

Just a quick one from me. Just returned from my first revision week at Bristol Groundschool. I was apprehensive about the week beforehand but it was actually really enjoyable.

Luckily, I and a few of my University mates all went down together and shared a cottage about 20 minutes from Clevedon, which is where Bristol.GS is based. The drive down wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated and the cottage was perfect for us all. I was slightly anxious about the week ahead though, particularly it’s intensity and where everyone else would be at compared to me. Studying the material for the first four modules, alongside University studies, wasn’t easy. This is why my progress chart as shown above, is all over the place. I did however, get it all complete in time for the revision week.

The quality of the teaching, facilities, materials and general atmosphere at Bristol.GS really surprised me. All of which were absolutely superb. The course materials only go so far in teaching you the ATPL theory, the revision week really helps consolidate your learning, filling in the gaps you have and most importantly, applying the knowledge to current ATPL exam questions. I and my University mates kept joking about how satisfied we were with the quality of the course, but it was no joke, we really were. I cannot wait until module two revision week.

At the moment, I am preparing for my January University exams whilst too using the ATPL question bank as much as possible. I am hoping to sit my first module’s exams in February time. Until then, it’s going to be a busy few weeks of intense studying!


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