Pilot Careers Live April 2018:

It’s been a very busy and stressful week. However it has also been very rewarding, receiving my results and being able to attend Pilot Careers Live as an exhibitor once more is a real honour. 

I clearly remember attending my first Pilot Careers Live in November 2012, when it was named the “Flyer Professional Pilot Exhibition’. I remember finding Heathrow magical and being really attracted to the likes of CTC Aviation. I can’t describe how much I just wanted to be 21 and be a commercial pilot. This is still the same now, although 21 I just want to be flying a Boeing/Airbus aircraft! I look at how far I have come, despite great barriers and hurdles and I realise that I am a lot closer to my dream than I think!

I find it an honour to be able to stand and represent the University of Leeds and give aspiring pilots alike me 6 years ago, the information, advice and encouragement they need to start their journey to the flight deck. It’s great to work within a team of exhibitors and to meet like minded individuals and see their enthusiasm and motivation to become airline pilots. Of course one of my favourite parts of the day is going to Cafe Nero in Terminal 5 and watching these beastly machines leave the ground for the sky. In Leeds it’s impossible to see aircraft larger than the Boeing 757 in the skies above, however being at Heathrow really is magical. Despite knowing how flight actually works, it’s still fails to describe the magic of how huge machines like the A380 and Boeing 747 are able to leave the ground. They look so slow and majestic! It never fails to leave me and my peers in awe!

It’s always disappointing when the exhibition ends and we have to leave Heathrow, it’s magic, the like minded individuals and very attractive airlines. However it is very reassuring to remind yourself you may return again, either as an exhibitor or one of Heathrow’s pilots! It definitely gives me something to strive towards!

Until next time!


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