University & ATPL update:

Just a quick one…

I knew that studying towards a degree whilst undertaking flight training would not be easy but second year of University has proven very hard. Managing University work, ATPL’s, hour building and working twice a week has been a struggle this year. Unfortunately, this has impacted my Uni grades, I have come out with a low 2:1 which, in honesty I aren’t too pleased about. I am at University with the intentions of working towards a first. I have always set my sights and standards high since GCSE’s and this does lead to disappointment at times.

It’s a very fine balancing act trying to juggle everything. I intended on sitting Module 2 ATPL examinations this summer but things have got in the way, whether this be work, going abroad or helping out at University on Open Days. It’s something I definitely need to work on in the next academic year. I also am determined to turn my grades at University around.

I am closer than ever to achieving my dream, I must keep the motivation and determination up. We all must, no matter what background we come from. We all have times where we don’t achieve as well as we would have wished. However we must keep fighting and learn from our mistakes. I intend on doing just that. It’s not that studying towards a degree whilst undertaking flight training is impossible, its just challenging. It’s only impossible if you believe so.


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