Magical Heathrow….

It’s once again been an absolute pleasure and privilege to be able to return to Heathrow to help the University of Leeds Exhibit and promote our Aviation degree programmes to aspiring pilots and prospective University students. For the first time, this event was spread across two days and it seemed really successful. I have literally lost my voice.

Alike the previous occasions on which I have been able to exhibit, seeing the aspiring pilots and their pilots really reminds me of the start of my journey to the flight deck. I first attended the Flyer Exhibition as it was then called, with my father in 2012 and we were both amazed by the sheer scale of Heathrow and the magic atmosphere there. Words can’t describe it. I always leave Heathrow feeling empowered and motivated to achieve my goal.

Speaking to the aspiring pilots and their parents also reminds me of how overwhelming the whole day can be. So much Jargon, pricing and information is thrown your way and it really can be daunting and confusing. Alongside talking about the degree and the advantages of obtaining one, I also find it important to help relieve this ‘information overload’ whilst explaining that it does take a great deal of time and thought as to which route you wish to take. It depends so much on your background and personal circumstances and these can change so quickly. It’s absolutely great to see so many people interested in becoming a pilot and I do hope everyone that wishes to become a pilot is successful, keep the dream alive!

Personally, for me and my friend Chris, keeping the dream alive is particularly poignant at Heathrow. During the exhibitions it’s become a habit of ours to go and sit in the Cafe Nero in Terminal 5 and watch the aircraft departing/arriving from 23R/09L. The myriad of BA tails and huge mighty machines leaving the ground for the skies is incredibly captivating and inspiring. We were all particularly delighted to be able to meet Bruce Dickinson, the Iron Maiden lead singer and of course, incredibly talented and skilled Commercial Pilot. We even managed to have a photo and talk about his experiences with Buffalo Airways and his TV Show – Flying Heavy Metal.

Regardless of your status/position with regards to flight training, I would highly recommend attending one of these exhibitions if you haven’t done so already. They prove invaluable for networking, opportunities, motivation and making friends. I’ll leave you with some photos of the team with Bruce.


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