Bristol.GS Mod 2 Revision Week

I’ve just returned from Bristol, where myself and two mates from University spent a week at Bristol Groundschool in Clevedon on one of their Module 2 brush up courses. Overall it was a great week and has prepared me well for my Module 2 exams.

ATPL’s, that is the Air Transport Pilot License Theoretical Examinations, are without doubt one of the hardest, if not the hardest part of training towards becoming a commercial pilot. The sheer volume of knowledge you have to absorb and the application of this knowledge to answer what can be, very nasty questions is something that cannot be understated. Is it impossible though? Absolutely not! Bristol Groundschool’s module 2 consists of Air Law, Aircraft General Knowledge, Flight Planning & Monitoring and Radio Navigation. I really enjoyed studying towards these modules, more so than module 1 and particularly during the brush up course last week. Similarly to module 1, the quality of teaching was absolutely fantastic and despite being sat in a classroom 9-5 for a week, I thoroughly enjoyed my time down there. Having two friends from University in attendance with me also greatly helped, being able to go for a few pints and blast some of the questions together (And University coursework) definitely helped. I aimed to better manage my time alongside work and University in the run up to the brush up course whilst distant learning the ATPL course. This again wasn’t easy and is the single biggest struggle I have with University work and my ATPL’s. It gets very sickening at times, particularly after a very stressful semester at University. However, it’s all a means to an end to help me become the best Pilot I can be. Using my motivation techniques as described in my tips/advice section have been monumental in keeping me going!

I have quite a few friends undertaking ATPL exams next month and initially, I intended to join them before the new European Central Question Database is introduced. There is great uncertainty about this new batch of questions and how they’ll be implemented. Different people claim different things. For this reason I was keen to get the module 2 exams squared away before their introduction. After speaking to the Chief Theoretical Instructor at Bristol Groundschool, he’s made me feel better about waiting until January to undertake them then. This will be better for me, with a busy few last weeks at University before Christmas. Then I can spend my Christmas studying towards module 2 exams! I’ll be returning to Gatwick to surround myself in aircraft to help motivate me through the exams.

Until next time, have a cracking Christmas and all the best for 2019!


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