Bristol.GS Module 3 Revision Week

That’s it for course content and revision weeks down in Clevedon (Touch Wood)! Another cracking week consolidating knowledge learnt from module 3.

Myself and a mate from the year below at University went down to Bristol on Sunday evening and returned last night. As always, the quality of teaching was absolutely astounding and despite the long days, the brush up course was thoroughly enjoyable and in fact, a good laugh. It’s always nice to see familiar faces and see where others are at with their training.

Module 3 hasn’t been easy to study towards so far, particularly alongside a dissertation and varying other pieces of University work. Nonetheless, I’m now in a position where I can begin to blast the question bank and sort out any areas which require attention. The next few months is very busy, with deadlines, University exams and Graduation. With this said, I intend to sit the remaining eight exams over three sittings taking me up to mid September. This gives me a month and a half and spare sitting should it be needed. It’s always wise keeping in mind the worst possible scenarios with ATPL examinations as they are extremely difficult.

In the mean time I best get back to studying. It’s certainly nice to have completed the course content, but the relaxation and celebrations do not begin until all 14 exams are passed and University is squared away.


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