Last Heathrow Pilot Careers Live…

Saturday marked my last opportunity to exhibit under the University of Leeds at Pilot Careers Live. As always, it was an absolute pleasure to meet potential aviation degree students and aspiring pilots. I’ve had a cracking time at these Heathrow exhibitions and I will miss them.

I’d been looking forward to this exhibition for weeks. I thoroughly enjoy meeting potential students and aspiring pilots, helping them understand the myriad of information presented to them. I often find myself comparing their position to mine in 2012, when myself and my father first visited Pilot Careers Live. It was an eye-opening and somewhat confusing experience. The vast quantities of information presented, the costs, the options, the decisions to be made, can be very confusing and daunting. Although there to promote the degree primarily, I strongly believe in also helping parents and aspiring pilots alike to understand the information presented to them. I do hope myself and the team of students and staff from the University have helped in that regard.

I hope to return to Pilot Careers Live in the future as a qualified and employed commercial pilot, hopefully with friends that have graduated from University with me. I’ll miss being able to exhibit at them, and to be surrounded by the magic of Heathrow. This isn’t a bad thing I suppose, because it gives me an ambition to return as a pilot and to become a pilot based out of Heathrow.

For now, once again it’s back to ATPL exam preparation and writing my dissertation.


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