Gatwick Part 3…

This is becoming a bit of a regular occurrence…

Just returned from Gatwick once more, where I’ve sat three more of the fourteen ATPL exams. Having only just completed Module 3 with Bristol.GS in March and having four weeks of University, I decided to sit the ATPL’s in order to not leave pressure to complete may exams over summer before my deadline for completion in October.

The three exams I sat were as follows:

  • Operational Procedures
  • VFR Communications
  • IFR Communications

Those whom have studied and completed the ATPL’s will appreciate that these are regarded as three of the more ‘straight forward’ exams. However, they do still trick people out and cause problems. Despite this, because they are fairly straight forward, I decided it appropriate to sit them whilst I had time, but also allowing some dissertation work to be done for University whilst preparing for these exams.

I again stayed in the Travelodge Gatwick Central, being given a room with a fantastic view of the Airport. In the lift to my room initially, with all my Bristol.GS books in hand, a gentleman stated there was a lot of reading for engines there for me. I explained they were ATPL’s and it transpired he in fact was a Boeing 787 pilot! I of course started asking questions about what it was like to fly and we parted with the pilot cracking a joke about the ATPL’s.

I received my results early this morning whilst at work and thankfully have passed them all. Nine down and five to go! Wish me luck.


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