Completing University…

That’s it! University is done! What a feeling, I absolutely have no clue what to do with myself.

The last few weeks and in fact months have been extremely challenging, it’s been non-stop between work, University work and ATPL’s. University work has been particularly challenging though, with the dissertation, varying pieces of coursework and two exams. Both exams were difficult, particularly the exam named ‘Aircraft 2’ which contained a large quantity of Aerodynamics, which is no easy subject by any means. However, I’m glad it’s all done and I hope and pray that my revision and work has enabled me to pass.

Results will be published on the 8th of July; therefore, I will only know then whether I have succeeded and thus able to graduate then. Fingers Crossed!

I’ve completed four years at University, a Science Foundation Year and then three years studying Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies. It’s been an absolute blast and I’ve met some cracking people whom all have a similar genuine interest in aviation. It has been challenging but we have also had a great laugh along the way, even if some jokes were ‘Below the Glide Slope ‘ i.e. ‘Below the Belt’. It’s also bitter sweet, having completed but unlikely to see varying people for years to come post-graduation. However, I’m confident we will all stay in touch and see each other in Airports worldwide in years to come in varying capacities and roles. A huge thanks to all my class mates, friends and lecturers whom I have had the pleasure of meeting during my studies at the University of Leeds.

Now to complete my five remaining ATPL examinations and begin work full-time in order to build the remaining finances for my Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilots License and Multi-Crew Co-operation Course. Unfortunately I may be working a while to do this.

As my Spanish teacher once said, “iQue sera, sera!”


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