Adriana Aviation

What more to say? It’s a hidden gem.

Honestly, It really is. I was fortunately made aware of this Polish ATO during groundschool, looking at my finances and feeling, well, daunted by what seemed impossible. The Polish ATO’s made my dream possible, Adriana made it achievable. I must have pestered every British Pilot to train at Adriana or at least tried to. I was sold by it but wanted that confirmation, that confidence. I then decided to visit for myself to try get something sorted.

I arranged my visit and my training with a service provider named BRICS Aviation, whom work hand-in-hand with Adriana. Naji whom works for BRICS is an absolute asset to the industry and was beyond helpful throughout both my research, decision, training and post training with BRICS and Adriana.

Adriana is the perfect flight training environment, you walk out of your bedroom and downstairs to the classrooms, outside to the aircraft and with little distraction. It really makes the training more efficient. The organisation of the school, the management is the best I’ve seen to date, the English of the instructors is sound and the aircraft are well kept and fun, friendly and enjoyable to fly.

The accommodation is spot on, the wifi is slightly poor but good spots can be found sufficient for socialising back home or reading up on the training. All this is to improve in the coming year with refurbishment and expansion. There aren’t many places alike Adriana. The instructors are a friendly bunch also, most are ex-military and this really strikes you, they no their stuff and are keen to pass this on.

I’m now going to break my own rules. However I’m of the opinion that recent shocking news warrants it. Today I paid for my final stage of training, the APS MCC. In total I’ve spent £46 500 to become a fully fledged Commercial Airline Pilot soon to be with a Frozen ATPL (fATPL). Adriana was a blessing, it was fantastic value for money and was only part of the total aforementioned. I’m happy to write a blog on expenditure at another point as it’s a sticking point for many aspiring pilots.

Back to breaking my own rules. This week there has been utter uproar in the Airline Pilot Flight Training Industry. One well known large provider has communicated with students on MPL airline schemes whom have been dropped by the airlines, offering to change them over to an ATPL course at a further cost of roughly £63 000. Taking their total cost of flight training to £173 000. No chance of refunds either.

Amoral. Unethical. Disgraceful. Abhorrent. Yep. These are all words I’d use to describe this situation. If you are one of these students, please don’t despair. You can still save some money and achieve your dream, speak to the likes of the Wings Alliance and other ATO’s whom are willing to help. Drop me a line and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Of the three big schools that once ruled the Airline Pilot Flight Training Industry, there is only one I’d train at. I admire it massively. It’s stuck to it’s values. It’s not become greedy. It’s committed to it’s students. I’m trying not to be biased but massive change is needed and some of these schools really don’t deserve our time, money and effort. Aspiring pilots yet to begin training please don’t be swayed by the strong marketing and offer of freebies.

Adriana was the best decision I ever made. If I had a choice to go back to selecting a flight training school again, I’d pick Adriana in a heartbeat.

I’m not saying you must go to Adriana, I’m just making all aware that there are more options than the bigger powerful schools that are in fact often better and put the student first. Worth a good amount of deliberation.

Until next time.


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