Last Heathrow Pilot Careers Live…

Saturday marked my last opportunity to exhibit under the University of Leeds at Pilot Careers Live. As always, it was an absolute pleasure to meet potential aviation degree students and aspiring pilots. I’ve had a cracking time at these Heathrow exhibitions and I will miss them. I’d been looking forward to this exhibition for weeks. […]


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Bristol.GS Module 3 Revision Week

That’s it for course content and revision weeks down in Clevedon (Touch Wood)! Another cracking week consolidating knowledge learnt from module 3. Myself and a mate from the year below at University went down to Bristol on Sunday evening and returned last night. As always, the quality of teaching was absolutely astounding and despite the […]

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Gatwick Part 2…

Happy new year everyone, hope you’ve all had a good start to 2019. My first few weeks of 2019 have been filled with revision for three ATPL exams, Aircraft General Knowledge, Air Law and Radio Navigation.  My examinations were due to start on the Monday with Flight Planning, then having one every day ending with […]

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Bristol.GS Mod 2 Revision Week

I’ve just returned from Bristol, where myself and two mates from University spent a week at Bristol Groundschool in Clevedon on one of their Module 2 brush up courses. Overall it was a great week and has prepared me well for my Module 2 exams. ATPL’s, that is the Air Transport Pilot License Theoretical Examinations, […]

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Magical Heathrow….

It’s once again been an absolute pleasure and privilege to be able to return to Heathrow to help the University of Leeds Exhibit and promote our Aviation degree programmes to aspiring pilots and prospective University students. For the first time, this event was spread across two days and it seemed really successful. I have literally lost […]

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University & ATPL update:

Just a quick one… I knew that studying towards a degree whilst undertaking flight training would not be easy but second year of University has proven very hard. Managing University work, ATPL’s, hour building and working twice a week has been a struggle this year. Unfortunately, this has impacted my Uni grades, I have come […]

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Multi-Engine Piston

Today I passed my MEP Skills Test! What an absolute beast the Piper Seneca (PA34) is to fly! It’s been the most challenging flight to date, but it has brought me one step closer to my goal.  I formally started my MEP course last week but I have been preparing for it for around two […]

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Where it began….

Nope, this isn’t the start of Sweet Caroline – what a classic. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to return to where it all began, back in Dundee.  Dundee and much of Scotland in general has some absolutely beautiful scenery. England is beautiful from the air but Scotland is something else altogether. For this reason, I […]

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First weather diversion….

One thing that all pilots come to appreciate and respect is the weather. Weather can seriously mess up your plans and jeopardise your flight safety. As a non Instrument Rated Pilot (yet), the weather poses significant challenges to any form of VFR pilot. For some time now I have been keen to fly across to […]

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Pilot Careers Live April 2018:

It’s been a very busy and stressful week. However it has also been very rewarding, receiving my results and being able to attend Pilot Careers Live as an exhibitor once more is a real honour.  I clearly remember attending my first Pilot Careers Live in November 2012, when it was named the “Flyer Professional Pilot […]

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