First trip to Gatwick…

First of all, an apology! It’s been some time since my last post due to a busy few months of study!  Alongside my degree studies, I have been building hours and working towards my first ATPL module of exams. I booked my exams back in February and have just returned from Gatwick last night. I […]


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Night Rating

I haven’t had a grin from ear to ear whilst flying since my first solo. That was until I first departed into the night skies. I honestly cannot begin to tell you how amazing it is to fly at night. Flying by day is amazing as it is, but flying by night is even better. […]

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Bristol.GS Module One Revision Week

Just a quick one from me. Just returned from my first revision week at Bristol Groundschool. I was apprehensive about the week beforehand but it was actually really enjoyable. Luckily, I and a few of my University mates all went down together and shared a cottage about 20 minutes from Clevedon, which is where Bristol.GS […]

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Class One Medical

Today marks exactly one year since I attended my Class One Medical Assessment. What a year it’s been, it hasn’t been easy, particularly in terms of the medical.  I booked my Class One Medical as soon as I could In September 2016. The earliest appointment available was Thursday the 8th of November at 12 noon. I […]

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G-BIOC – Our New Love

One of the biggest benefits to date of my degree is the great bunch of people I am surrounded by. My course only consists of about 15 people, 12 of which wish to be pilots (Some are pictured above). Not only was I able to work towards my PPL with some of them, they are […]

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Time flies!

Just a brief update. Today marks a year since my first solo flight. It seems like it was only yesterday. A flight I will never forget, from the minute that the instructor told me my solo check was sufficient for first solo. I distinctly remember him leaving the aircraft and walking over towards the Dundee […]

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Starting ATPL’s

Just a quick update! I have literally just got off the phone to Bristol Ground School, whom I have picked to study my ATPL’s with. Bristol.GS come highly recommended amongst the aviation industry and former Aviation technology graduates also. Therefore, I will be studying for my ATPL’s alongside my degree. It may be difficult in […]

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Completing my PPL

Today I had my PPL Skills test and I passed! Ecstatic isn’t the word! It’s such a relief to finally feel like my ambition and dream is becoming a reality. I have taken the first step, some may say the biggest step and I am now well on my way to becoming a commercial  pilot. […]

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